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Employee benefits Insurance

An organization’s people are by far its most important asset. Your people take care of your business. Your people make the difference between success and failure.

Employee Benefits aren't just desirable to employees. They can improve your business. Adding benefits can increase loyalty, retention, focus, productivity, attendance and recruitment.

Himaya Iraq is a specialist in the design and administration of employee benefits programs in the Middle East.

Himaya Iraq is an active player in Iraq in placing group medical insurance for Iraqi Nationals (including their families), expatriates, workmen compensation, personal accident including passive war risks and terrorism, group travel schemes, Kidnaping & Ransom, etc...

Our Services

Designing your employee benefits program after thoroughly assessing your needs while keeping in mind that our aim is to free Your human resources department for tasks other than insurance.

Performing the necessary insurance market/tendering exercise through benchmarking premiums, insurance offers and policy types etc. Thanks to our market knowledge.

Mapping the location of your staff in order to adjust accordingly the direct billing network of the Third Party Administrator/Insurer.

Administering your program on daily basis. Thanks to the professional Himaya’s team.

Intervening in case of escalation for Claims recovery.

Assigning one Account Executive in charge of Your Company from A to Z who acts as a single point of contact.

Our Advices

To deliver on your duty of making a fair presentation of the risk to insurers containing all material circumstances which you know or ought to have known.

If you are in doubt as to whether information is material, it is best to disclose it since rarely disclosure will prejudice you, whereas non-disclosure certainly will.

Disclosure to include:

  • Loss history
  • Date of birth, occupation, gender, nationality, etc.
  • Any material fact

material fact is one that is likely to influence the judgment of an insurer when determining whether to provide a business with cover and at what premium.

For the medical insurance of your company staff, you should refuse any pre-existing exclusion.

The HR department should only intervene for escalation with Your insurance broker and not on daily basis.

To assess the reliability of your health insurance provider by checking its track records.

To favor insurers (or their TPA) who have an extensive direct billing network where the insured does not have to pay from his/her pocket through a “Cashless facility” at hospital

To fight abuses, keep in mind that if claims take the escalator, premiums will take the lift at renewal. Costs have to be contained!


Is it a good option to have two policies, one for Iraqi nationals and another one for expats? Yes, since location of treatment is different.