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Oil & Gas Insurance

Himaya Iraq Ltd. is an active player in Iraq in the insurance brokerage for Oil & Gas companies and has strong products offering from upstream to downstream and from the exploration (including costs of well control) to the production phase through the field development phase. Its insurance placements include the insurance of oil rigs on "all risks" basis (except what is excluded), comprehensive general liability, assets for war and terrorism risks, medical insurance for expatriates and Iraqi Nationals (including their families) who work in the oil sector, workmen compensation, personal accident, cash in safe/transit and fidelity insurance etc...

Our Services

Starting with an Enterprise comprehensive and holistic approach in order to understand Your Company and assess its risks to organize the transfer of a sizeable part of its risks to insurance companies (as per the risk appetite of Your company) and to offer bespoke risk management solutions.

Assisting and advising You in filling all insurance proposal forms and preparing the submission file to the underwriters.

Doing the necessary insurance market exercise through benchmarking premiums, insurance offers and policy types etc... Thanks to our market knowledge.

Assisting, providing a legal support and advising the insured throughout the life of the claim from the initial notification of the claim and management of insurers' experts while representing your interests. By working with all of the stakeholders, we develop a claims strategy that puts in place the fundamentals needed to deliver on the insurance policy.

Assigning One Account Executive in charge of Your Company from A to Z who acts as a single point of contact.

Doing pre-risk survey reports on properties/camps. This will allow us to know better Your company and thus Your needs.

Our Advices

To deliver on your duty of making a fair presentation of the risk to insurers containing all material circumstances which you know or ought to have known.

If you are in doubt as to whether information is material, it is best to disclose it since rarely disclosure will prejudice you, whereas non-disclosure certainly will.

Disclosure to include:

  • Loss history
  • Detailed assets' sum insured to represent the basis of settlement of the policy (replacement value, market price, cost price etc...)
  • Signed contracts in respect of liability insurance with principals/contractors or sub-contractors/suppliers, since often liability insurance includes contractual liability.
  • Date of birth, occupation, gender etc... for employee benefits
  • Scope of works, risk situation, location and its surroundings
  • Fire or other perils protection equipment or resources
  • Any material fact

material fact is one that is likely to influence the judgment of an insurer when determining whether to provide a business with cover and at which premium.