About us

Himaya Switzerland SA has been licensed by FINMA as a non-tied insurance broker in Switzerland in June 2022. It holds the license no. 37735. For more information you can visit Himaya Switzerland’s website: www.himaya-insurance.com

Himaya Europe SAS has been licensed by ORIAS as a non-tied insurance and reinsurance broker in France in January 2023. Himaya Europe SAS is subject to the supervision of the ACPR (French Central Bank). ORIAS n° 23000625.

Insurance brokerage firms are like law firms which focus on certain practice areas, Himaya Switzerland SA and Himaya Europe SA’s areas of strength are clearly the placement of marine & aviation insurances and in particular medium to mega yachts, marine cargo, freights forwarders liability, air side liabilities, jets, aviation academies, assets for high net worth individuals including fine art collection and professional indemnities etc.

Himaya SAL has been licensed by the insurance commission of Lebanon (the ministry of economy) as an insurance and reinsurance brokerage company in August 2009.

Himaya SAL’s insurance placements of trading, contracting and industrial companies include insuring: marine cargo shipments, yachts, freight forwarders liability, aviation risks, comprehensive general liability, assets for war and terrorism risks, medical insurance for local Nationals (including their families) and expatriates, group life insurance, workmen compensation, personal accident, cash in safe/transit and fidelity insurance etc...  

Our companies are good as well in advising corporations on their insurance set-up, providing consultancies and sub-contracting insurance tasks.

Our aim is not to sell insurance policies. Instead, ourr “raison d’etre” is working with you to manage Your risks and put together insurance solutions that will protect Your employees and Your assets in the unfortunate event of an accident. While shopping for the best price is very important, making sure that you have the proper coverage in place which is delivering what you are expecting is our most important feature.

The purpose of insurance is to transfer that risk of catastrophic loss away from you. Insurance is not the most exciting purchase you make, but it is important to know what you are buying and why. We want you to be able to understand how policies work together, so you can make educated decisions about insurance in line with your risk appetite.

Himaya’s mission is to work hard to make sure your insurance policies are tailored to your needs and provide the most cost effective solutions. To offer you the right solution, we rely on our experience and in depth technical and legal knowledge. We do believe in excellent customer service, trustworthiness, consistency and integrity in business and in life.